Article Roundup: Great Articles Of The Week

Here’s a round up of some terrific articles I’ve read in the past week:

  • Why spend $1.7 million on lunch with Warren Buffett when you already know what he’s going to say? Well if you don’t then you better read the link.
  • Is Goldman Sachs the equivalent of a Wall Street Mafia? Read this great piece and you’ll be convinced and maybe flabbergasted as well.
  • Thinking of joining a startup firm? Guy Kawaski offers great career advice that I wish I had received 8 years ago!
  • The specter of the subprime is still lurking! (use firefox plugin “refspoof” to read the WSJ for free)
  • A little bit of personal finance with everyday luxuries you definitely can do without
  • And finally, a link to the Christian Science Monitor’s new economic blog who discusses whether or not you should buy real estate at this time. Of course, with a link back to my site, how could I not include them!


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