Top Performing Funds of 2007

According to Morningstar, here’s the top ten performing mutual funds of 2007

1. Direxion Commodity Bull  2X Inv (DXCLX) : 87.6%

2. Direxion Latin America Bull 2X Inv (DXZLX): 83.7%

3. CGM Focus (CGMFX):  79.9%

4. AIM China A (AACFX): 74.9%

5. Nationwide China Opportunities A (GOPAX): 74%

6. Matthews China (MCHFX): 70.1%

7. Profunds Ultra Emerging Markets (UUPIX): 70.1%

8. T. Rowe Price New Asia (PRASX): 66.4%

9. Guinness Atkinson China & Hong Kong (ICHKX): 65.1%

10. Matthews India (MINDX): 64.1%

Unfortunately I didn’t own any of them. Recently, I did jump in CGMFX though, and hopefully it’ll keep up its momentum. A large part of its returns came from shorting Countrywide CFC. I hope they exited the position. Today Bank of America (BAC) announced they would be acquiring CFC. The stock was 50%+ on the news!