Goodbye TDAmeritrade, Hello Izone!

I just closed down my account with TDAmeritrade. I transferred everything to

Funnily enough, Izone is owned by TDAmeritrade and offers EVERYTHING that my regular TDAmeritrade account offered. Infact, the user-interface is identical. Its so identical, that the new username and password I created at even works at!!!!

 So whats the difference? All the commissions are half-priced as compared to TDA.

But whats the catch? There’s no phone support and you need to have a couple of years online trading experience in order to open an account. Actually, I’m not sure about the ‘no phone support’ policy – I suspect that if you call up the customer support number for TDA and give them your izone username, it just might work. In any case, I usually asked my questions via email at TDA, so there’s no difference for me. And izone also has a live ‘customer support chat’ feature during normal business hours which has less wait time than the phone lines.

 I did an internal transfer since my old account was at TDA. It took place at 11:45 pm so my regular trading wasn’t affected at all! Now thats some decent service!

Let me know if you want to open an account and I’ll send you a referral email. I think we both get 10 free trades.