AL Gore: Businessman Of The Year!

I saw a news clip on Fox saying that Al Gore has made $100 million from his scare campaign on Global Warming. But he’s just really a poser – his research center says that his Alabama mansion uses 20 times more energy than the national average!

While I think his global warming campaign is a scam, his movie is a work of fiction, and that carbon credits will not have any effect on reducing pollution, I must tip my hat to Al Gore, the businessman.

Since his election defeat, apart from winning a Nobel Peace prize and an Academy Award, he’s landed numerous $175,000 speaking gigs and his stock in Google and Apple that he received as a board advisor is reportedly worth nearly $35 million. Plus he’s started a carbon credit trading company and his networth is supposedly north of $100 million!

Not only has he re-branded himself as a visionary but also made a huge financial success of himself!