How To Ask For A Raise

David Bach, author of Automatic Millionaire has a great article on How To Ask For A Raise.

He suggests branding yourself to get ahead in life. I agree with him.

Nothing determines your value in the marketplace more than how you position yourself and how you come across to your boss. Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly: * As an employee, do I stand out or blend in?

* Do I come to work early, on time, or late?

* Do I have a written plan for my career that describes how I add value at work, or do I wing it?

* Do I have a relationship with the person who determines whether I should get a raise, or am I distant — or worse, actively avoidant?

* Do I really care about the company I work for and the job I do, or is it just a paycheck?

* Do I take the initiative to spend my own time, money, or effort learning new job skills so I can add greater value to my company?

* Do I have a vision of where I want to be with my employer in three to five years?

* Does my employer know I have such a vision?

In order for your employer to recognize your value, they have to perceive your value. And they can’t perceive you as a high-value brand if you don’t perceive it — and project it — yourself.