Last Chance To Get In On A Zero-Risk Investment

I’ve been wanting to send in the paperwork for the Everbank Marketsafe Japanese REIT CD for nearly a month. Since I used my Coporation’s 401k and Profit Sharing Plan (PSP) to invest, I had to open a business account and fill out extra Trustee paperwork, in addition to supplying a copy of the original 200 page 401k & PSP documentation.

Anyway, I got it all filled out and signed by the co-Trustee (my wife) and fedexed it to Everbank. April 17th is the last date to get in on this investment.

If you think the Yen is going to appreciate against the dollar and Japanese Real Estate is going to appreciate, its worth a gamble. This CD is FDIC insured and has no downside risk! You can read more
about it at Wealth Building Lessons.

Since I’m investing through my PSP, I don’t need to worry about taxes. If you want you can invest in a ROTH IRA at Everbank too!

Everbank has a lot of unique products like its principle-protected Gold CDs. Also its President, Chuck Butler is available by phone/email to answer your economy or investment related questions. When was the last time the president of Bank of America answered one of your emails?