Fancy Watches On The Cheap

During the last stock market boom I had made a little bit of money. At that time I had often contemplated buying an expensive watch but it seemed like such a waste of money and I put it off. Anyway the market crashed and so did my dreams of owing an expensive watch. I promised when I made some money again, I definitely enjoy some of it.

Part of that enjoyment was traveling, which I did a fair amount of in the past 2 years. But now that watch idea has reared its head again after I saw my boss’s Omega Seamaster today. After work I went to a local jewelery store and spent 2 hours checking out the different watches.

Here’s the ones I liked. Of course they cost around 20-50% cheaper online.

There was only one Rolex that I liked, the Rolex Daytona Oyster, but at $13,000 I’m not interested. For that price it better be able to stop time!

Before buying any watch online, make sure you know what size suits your wrist. For me I felt the 42 mm felt the best, but the range is from 39mm to 45mm. If you get the wrong size, you won’t enjoy it.

I also like the Omega Speedmaster Moon to Mars, but all the NASA-approved Moon series watches come with a Plexiglass crystal instead of the regular sapphire. This makes them scratch resistant but not almost-scratch-proof!

Plus every 5 years (10 for the new Omega Coaxial series) you need to spend $400-500 to get them serviced, so its an on going commitment. (kind of like an expensive girlfriend!)

Anyway, if I buy one I’ll let you know. It’ll probably be from I could of course get a comparatively cheaper Seiko,  some of which are awesome cool watches, but then again, its not really a luxury brand.

And if any of you are feeling generous, I’m open to accepting gifts and donations 😉