Timeshare Buyer or Victim?

Yesterday, I spoke to one of my friends after a long time. I found out that he had just purchased one of those Hilton timeshares that I had mentioned in an earlier post.

He was taken in by the high pressure tactics and the temptation of exotic vacations! He’s now suffering from buyers remorse.

Like they say, “Invest in haste, repent at leisure“.

Well if any of you are interested in spending $20,000 on a hotel room, let me know. I’m thinking of putting together my own version of a timeshare.

We buy a small house in Nicaragua for around $120,000. Its atop a mountain next to a nature preserve with lovely ocean views. It has running water and solar power. Its no Hilton with conceirge, but instead of 52 partners, you might only have 12. Plus you get to deduct the cost of your surfing vacations, because you’ve bought an investment property! It should rent out sporadically to cover the cost of maintenance. If Nicaragua does a quarter as well as Costa Rica, it should atleast double in value!

Or if you really want to buy your own timeshare for as low as 1 cent on the dollar, check out my Timeshare store for the cheapest deals.