October 2007 Passive Income Update

It time for an update on October’s passive income and online earnings. Last month’s total was nice $1,736.80. Plus I got another $100 for referring a friend to TDAmeritrade, so counting that its $1836.80. I’m not counting the income from Prosper since its rather difficult to manually go through ~50 loans and find out how much I got. Besides it keeps getting re-invested in more loans anyway.

Here’s the break-down (not exactly JohnChow.com style, but informative nonetheless)

1. Online Income : $704.96

2. ING Savings: $98.44

3. Real Estate Trust Deed: $300

4. Direct Oil Drilling Investment: $115.63

5. Dividends from Canroys: $ 447.67

6. Other Dividends : $102.7

Total: $1,736.80

I just moved this site over from the Living Off Dividends site last month, and I expect the online revenue to drop quite a bit in November. This site doesn’t have any page-ranking yet and so isn’t attracting any advertisers. (I think its being penalized by Google for having 500 duplicate posts from the old site). Since the old site isn’t being updated, some advertisers have already dropped off from there. But it’s still getting decent organic traffic from Google, so its still pulling in decent adsense revenue (it’s eCPM is twice that of this site!) so I won’t be talking that site down any time soon!

The Canadian Dollar is also getting stronger than the US Dollar and with the dividend-reinvestment program, my Canroy dividends should increase slightly next month. The Federal Reserve cut the interest rates, so I expect my savings at ING to yield a quarter point less next month.

Adsense revenue was up 39% from the month before, so hopefully that trend will continue (who says social media marketing doesn’t work!). Otherwise I expect November’s revenue to be atleast 15% lower than this months. Eventually though this site should gain some more traction and the revenue should come back up again. Another one of my oil investments should start paying out in 2 months, so that should boost the income as well.