Nasty time with the tenants

One of the tenants on my Salt Lake City properties are late on the rent. Well, they’re not late, they just haven’t paid for a few months. Nothing but excuses and sob stories. I had taken them to court in June for non-payment of rent and instead of leaving, they requested the judge for 2 weeks during which they paid up. Its not that they’re flakes. They have an option to purchase the house and they really want to do that. Its just they’re have poor money management skills and no concept of financial planning. They had promised me some money by the 25th November. Today I got an email with some more sad tales of family trouble. Its either that or the husband health problems.

I basically told them that they had to tell me when and how much they were going to pay me the next week or I was going to have them move out. No one likes to evict people the day before christmas so I’m trying to get a head start!

Should’ve been more stern with them but I felt sorry for them. The husband had genuine heart problems. Anyway, if I don’t get paid soon i’m going to be in the hole myself. I just paid $6k for the landscaping on the same house plus i haven’t received rent for a few months. Atleast the house has great curb appeal and should rent out much quicker now.

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