Why Builders are Scum of the Earth.

Got a letter from one of the builders I’m building a house with in Salt Lake City. Apparently they decided they weren’t making enough money from the houses so they decided to disband their company Big Canyon Builders and regroup under a new banner called Bristlecone Builders. But of course, now they no longer need to keep their end of the bargin and stick to their contract price for the homes. They’re just going to jack up the prices 25-35k.

I know a few other investors who are caught up in this and are really pissed. Some of them are keen on suing the builders but I don’t know if this will accomplish anything.
Lets see. I have so many homes tied up, the loss of 1 or 2 of them doesn’t make too much of a difference. Going to court takes money, time and a great deal of stamina! I’d rather figure out how to make more money than chase after the loss of 20k in one deal.

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