Spoke with Robert Campbell today

I had a really long chat on the phone with Robert Campbell, author of The Real Estate Timing Newsletter today.

I gave a presentation at one of his seminars a few months ago and we’ve in touch ever since. I like the way he thinks. He does a lot of research and crunches the numbers about the economic trends and tries to figure out which way the market is heading.

He’s pretty bearish about the economy in general and the home prices in San Diego which he thinks will drop 40%. [I actually think prices will drop 45%, so I joked that he was being optimistic!]. He thinks that the economy will see a recession in the next few years and I tend to believe him. But thats a topic for another day.

He has a methodology[which is outlined in his book] which he uses to forecast the market trends for home prices in any given location. Historically its had an 80% accuracy rate which is pretty good. His indicator just flashed a sell signal back in August for San Diego so if any of you reading this are in SoCal, nows the time to get out.

I got out exactly at that time and I no longer own anything in California. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’m investing in Boise and Utah both of which flashed buy signals using his methodology [something verified by a geeky friend of mine]

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