Utah Property Update

Finally closed on my house in Grantsville, Utah. I had booked it in March for $151k and it appraised for $171k which is pretty good. It took about 6 weeks to close after completion, partly because my loan officer was in hospital for surgery and partly because my debt to income ratio sucks now. I could go stated and lie about my income just like everyone else, but I’d rather go full-doc. Its a federal offense to lie about your finances and I’d rather no go to jail for that!

My man on the ground found me a lease-option tenant and they’re ready to move in December 1st so I’m golden!

Now I just need to close on my 6th house in Utah. Its in a place called Jacob’s Ranch, Saratoga Springs just south of Salt Lake City. Thats a tough one even though I’m putting 20% down. Lets see how that works out.

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