How To Invest in the Indian Stock Market

The Indian Stock Market has giving spectacular returns in the past 12 months.[Its doubled in the past 24 months.]

Unfortunately, people who live in America or Canadia aren’t allowed to invest directly in Indian Stocks. However there are a few Mutual Funds that are allowed to invest and through them we can join in the fun.

Morgan Stanley’s India Investment Fund has doubled in the past year and pays a dividend of 7.30%.

The India Fund similarly doubled in the past year but had a dividend of 9.90%.

Since we’re looking at foreign markets we might as well go the extra mile and look at Morgan Stanley’s Eastern Europe Fund, which almost doubled but gave a dividend of 20%!!!!! Now thats a return I can live with.

Both of the India Funds have expense ratios of approx 1.5% and have Morning Star Ratings of 5 stars. Eastern Europe Fund has a higher expense ratio of 2.1% and a 4 star rating by Morning Star.

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