Where Does Paris Hilton Invest Her Money?

As part of my research for understanding how to make Search-Engine-Optimized websites and generate some side income, I subscribe to a service that provides me with the most searched for keywords. As usual “Paris Hilton” is near the top along with other porn/movie stars and “Money”, “Investing” and “Saving for Retirement” are nowhere on the list.

It got me wondering where does Paris invest her money? A google search didn’t reveal anything on this topic, but I found out that if you’re interested in opening a franchise for a Club Paris, all you need to do is send out an email!

While on the google search page, I saw an adsense ad for a book on amazon called “Why Paris Hilton is a Fool” and it led me to an e-book sold my Nimble Books. The owner/author sells ebooks as his main source of income and is generating about 15k/yr. Not enough to live off of, but nothing to sneeze at either!!! He also recommended this site Make Easy Money with Google and Adsense which is a pretty good site for making easy money with google and adsense.[yeah, that was pretty redudant.]

So where does Paris Hilton invest her money? She doesn’t need to know. Between the millions she’s raking in from her TV show, her 20% royalty from Club Paris and her new Carls Jr ads, not to mention the billion she’ll inherit in the the Hilton Hotels chain, she can afford to hire someone else to worry about that for her!

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