Paris Disinherited

According to the Australian news website,, Paris Hilton has lost her inheritance!

PARTY princess Paris Hilton is $60 million out of pocket after her billionaire grandfather – appalled by her jail term for drink-driving offences – axed her inheritance.Family patriarch Barron Hilton was already embarrassed by his granddaughter’s wild behaviour – notably when her home sex video was leaked on the internet.

But the 79-year-old considered her 23-day sentence last month the last straw.

“He was, and is, extremely embarrassed by how the Hilton name has been sullied by Paris,” says Jerry Oppenheimer, who wrote a biography of the clan called House Of Hilton.

“He now doesn’t want to leave unearned wealth to his family.”

Hilton senior, the only member of the family left with a sizeable stake in the huge hotel chain, has let it be known that he intends to donate to charity the $2.4bn he will gain from this month’s sale of the company to private equity firm Blackstone.

The money will go to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the charity set up in the name of the founder of the family business.

Seeing as she has income from several other sources, I’m not sure if this is enough to change her behavior.

Recession Proof Living

Here’s a somewhat decent article on ways to recession-proof your life.

Most of it is common sense. It can be summed up rather simply. Don’t over-spend, over-leverage, over-invest or over-work. Look for side-income opportunities and move if the local economy sucks.

Another aspect is what to invest in. Wealth Building Lessons has a good article on current investment opportunities that would also make good investments during a recession.

Smart money recommends investing in bonds during a recession.

Meanwhile Eric Haller suggests Prisons are the ultimate recession investment.

Maybe Rick Hilton can dream of an Hilton chain of prisons specially catered to the unruly offspring of the rich and famous. He can hire Paris Hilton as consultant on the project, now that she’ll have the relevant work experience!. Yet another arrow in the quiver for “accomplished” actress, singer, writer, night club owner(well sort of), fashion designer and drunk driver!

Paris Hilton Gets A Nude Sculpture

Shock scupltor Daniel Edwards just released a Paris Hilton Autopsy Sculpture. She’s naked, wearing a prom-queen tiara, here legs spread open and has a cellphone in her hand. Her lovable doggie, tinkerbell is also featured. Its in pretty poor taste but he trys to put a positive spin on it by saying it’ll deter teenage drinking. (yeah, just like trailer-trash barbie deters promiscuity)
Anway, you can check out the picture and decide for yourself.

Daniel Edwards is most famous for his god-awful nude Britney Spears giving birth sculpture.

Boosting Traffic

MakingOurWay over at reported a surge in traffic that was a due to mistaken search engine results looking for a craigslist experiment regarding its effectiveness in helping people get laid! Apparently sex does sell.

Whenever I’ve posted anything to do with Paris Hilton, I’ve seen a spike in traffic too. Although this is from people looking for the dirt on her and the traffic isn’t sticky, and thus not useful. However if you’re just looking to boost hits to your site regardless of their use, you can check out the most popular searched keywords and incorporate them into your posts.

You can get Top keywords online from various sources. Today’s top 30 list at Wordtracker includes
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among others. Of course, unless you have these terms in your title and also relevant content in the post, search engines will ignore them[which is why I won’t see any extra traffic from this post!] However a few people have figured out how to stuff their posts with keywords and use the traffic to generate income via Adsense! Now thats genius!

Taxing The Rich

The Minor Thoughts Blog has a brief note on taxing the rich calledTaxing Paris Hilton.

Not necessarily Hilton specific, but the concept is sound. If you do away will all forms of taxation and replace them with a consumption tax, the rich will pay more tax simply because they spend more money.

Unfortunately, the Indian government ruined this relatively simple idea recently with the introduction of the service tax. They kept all forms of tax[including the short term capital gains tax of 10% and long term[12months] tax at 0%, yes ZERO] and just added a 10% service tax on all services [legal and medical services included]. Since the wealthy are likely to have more income from capital gains while everyone pays relatively the same for basic services, this is effectively a tax on poor people. WAY TO GO!

Where Does Paris Hilton Invest Her Money?

As part of my research for understanding how to make Search-Engine-Optimized websites and generate some side income, I subscribe to a service that provides me with the most searched for keywords. As usual “Paris Hilton” is near the top along with other porn/movie stars and “Money”, “Investing” and “Saving for Retirement” are nowhere on the list.

It got me wondering where does Paris invest her money? A google search didn’t reveal anything on this topic, but I found out that if you’re interested in opening a franchise for a Club Paris, all you need to do is send out an email!

While on the google search page, I saw an adsense ad for a book on amazon called “Why Paris Hilton is a Fool” and it led me to an e-book sold my Nimble Books. The owner/author sells ebooks as his main source of income and is generating about 15k/yr. Not enough to live off of, but nothing to sneeze at either!!! He also recommended this site Make Easy Money with Google and Adsense which is a pretty good site for making easy money with google and adsense.[yeah, that was pretty redudant.]

So where does Paris Hilton invest her money? She doesn’t need to know. Between the millions she’s raking in from her TV show, her 20% royalty from Club Paris and her new Carls Jr ads, not to mention the billion she’ll inherit in the the Hilton Hotels chain, she can afford to hire someone else to worry about that for her!