Boosting Traffic

MakingOurWay over at reported a surge in traffic that was a due to mistaken search engine results looking for a craigslist experiment regarding its effectiveness in helping people get laid! Apparently sex does sell.

Whenever I’ve posted anything to do with Paris Hilton, I’ve seen a spike in traffic too. Although this is from people looking for the dirt on her and the traffic isn’t sticky, and thus not useful. However if you’re just looking to boost hits to your site regardless of their use, you can check out the most popular searched keywords and incorporate them into your posts.

You can get Top keywords online from various sources. Today’s top 30 list at Wordtracker includes
Steve Irwin
Anna Nicole Smith
Paris Hilton
Jenna Jameson
September 11
World Trade Center
Panic at the Disco
games cheat

among others. Of course, unless you have these terms in your title and also relevant content in the post, search engines will ignore them[which is why I won’t see any extra traffic from this post!] However a few people have figured out how to stuff their posts with keywords and use the traffic to generate income via Adsense! Now thats genius!

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