Recession Proof Living

Here’s a somewhat decent article on ways to recession-proof your life.

Most of it is common sense. It can be summed up rather simply. Don’t over-spend, over-leverage, over-invest or over-work. Look for side-income opportunities and move if the local economy sucks.

Another aspect is what to invest in. Wealth Building Lessons has a good article on current investment opportunities that would also make good investments during a recession.

Smart money recommends investing in bonds during a recession.

Meanwhile Eric Haller suggests Prisons are the ultimate recession investment.

Maybe Rick Hilton can dream of an Hilton chain of prisons specially catered to the unruly offspring of the rich and famous. He can hire Paris Hilton as consultant on the project, now that she’ll have the relevant work experience!. Yet another arrow in the quiver for “accomplished” actress, singer, writer, night club owner(well sort of), fashion designer and drunk driver!

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