Amazon Affiliate Program Sucks

Adventures in Money Making is over a year old now!!!! Since the beginning,
I have been a member of the Amazon affiliate program. Initially it was pretty good. I made around $20 a month, enough to buy a book every month.

Since July however, its dropped off considerably. I’ve made $3.25 in the past 3 months. While I wasn’t expecting to make much money off this anyway, making around a buck a month is pretty worthless. I found out that Amazon dropped the cookie lifespan from 30 days to just 1. Which means if you don’t make a purchase immediately, I won’t get credit. Also considering the fact that Amazon only paid around 4% commissions to begin with, it wasn’t ever going to be a big money maker for me anyway.

Since most small-time bloggers won’t be making any money off Amazon’s affiliate program, I wonder how this will affect their sales?? Probably won’t make much of difference to them.

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