Competition Announcement

Although Amazon’s affiliate program is a bust, Linkworth has been working out nicely for me. Well enough to pay for some real hosting and some nice forum software. So I’ve set up a forum at The Weekend Investor.

You can read about why I set it up.

Now I’m faced with the chicken and egg problem. I can’t drive traffic there unless there are already posts, and I can’t get a lot of posts without any traffic. [unless of course, I spend the next few months writing ficticious posts and answering them, which I’m sure some people have done in the past].

So I’ve come up with a absolutely marvelous marketing strategy. Within the next 30 days, anyone who registers and makes a post will be eligible for a $50 gift card from Each post counts as another entry, so the more you post the greater your chances of winning.

There’s also a Classifieds forum to advertise any real estate or coins or investment books you might want to sell. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Any comments or suggestions about this strategy?

And does anyone have any other marketing ideas that are cheaper? 😉

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