Got A Free IPOD

TDAmeritrade had a promotion sometime back. If you open an account and put a certain amount of money into it, they’d give you a free Ipod. I had already put that exact amount into the account 2 weeks before so I called up and asked if they’d send me a free Ipod. The customer rep I spoke to agreed and 3-4 weeks later I got a free 2 GB Nano!

It always pays to follow up with a phone and ask for something.

This is actually the 2nd Ipod I’ve gotten free. The christmas before last, I won a free Ipod shuffle from
Even though I’d never bought anything from them I had entered into a drawing on a banner ad on some website(something I usually never do) and via a free Ipod shuffle they got a new customer! They’re pretty good on they’re prices and on Tuesdays have discounted shipping.

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