Site Review: Earners Blog

I’ve been writing about various ways to earn money and one of them is monetizing your blog. I’ve come across several sites, whose main focus is to earn money from your blog.

One of them is EARNER$ BLOG, run by Stuart an SEO consultant based out of Melbourne Australia. In the 8 months that the site has been up, he’s managed to get a PageRank of 4, something which took me over a year to achieve. That’s probably because he lot much better advice than me and he’s an SEO expert!

Some of his good advice about monetizing your blog is providing a list of top paying keywords to write content about.

Here’s the top 12 and what advertisers pay per click:

Keyword     CPC

conference calling       36.26
cheap auto insurance       33.55
consolidate student loan      32.72
life insurance quote       32.38
cheap car insurance       32.01
refinance home      31.48
car insurance quote       29.43
refinancing       29.28
online car insurance       27.27
online insurance quotes       27.2
criminal defense lawyer       27.12
debt consolidation       26.32
refinance home mortgage       26.19

He also discusses how to join adsense and other affiliate programs, increasing your blog traffic, increasing your ad revenue and various other marketing promotions. Its a clean site with easy to read and understand posts.

He also has some very clever ideas like this idea for generating additional income through click
by writing reviews on products

I was really impressed with this site, and as if I didn’t already enough to read I signed up for his feed too!

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