How To Make An Easy $25 & Other Blog Monetizing Tips

AuctionAds is running a promotion. Just sign up to display Auction ads on your site and you’ll get $25. Not only that, if you refer anyone, you get 5% of their income for the first 6 months too.

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and you can modify the code to suite the layout of your site. You can also mention which keywords you’d like to target so that you get relevant ads (Note: this does NOT interfere with Google Ads). Somehow it integrates with Ebay’s affiliate program and you earn a referral fee anytime you sign up a new user or someone wins an auction after clicking on your link.

If you sign up a new ebay user, you get $25. If you generate a sale, you get 50% or more of the commission that Ebay makes. Since ebay has increased its fees and commission structure in the past year, this bodes well for publishers like us.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already signed up, claim your free $25 right now!

AuctionAds is actually a sub-division of Text Link Ads, which also offers bloggers an opportunity to make money by selling ads on their site. If you haven’t signed up for Text Link Ads, I suggest that you do that as well. [continued below ad]

You might be wondering if its worth putting up all these ads? After all, your site might not be attracting a lot of traffic and you may not feel the income is worth the effort.

I actually do not get a lot of traffic (less than 10,000 hits per month), especially compared to entertainment-related blogs or blogs about getting out of debt, but the traffic that I do get is highly targeted and results in high dollar-value conversions. As a result I’m still currently pulling in between $400-500 per month.

I’m making money from various different sources so that if the guidelines change for one, it doesn’t completely stop the income. Also, over 50% of my traffic is organic in nature, coming mostly from searches.

Here are the various programs (in no particular order)

  • Google Adsense
  • Not only do you make money when people click on the sites, but you also get $5 per publisher who signs up. If they earn $100 in the first 6 months, you get an bonus $250! If you’re lucky enough to sign up 25 such publishers in a year, you get an extra $2,000!

  • Linkworth
  • Linkworth enables you to get sponsors who pay a flat fee to host ads on your ads. They have 2 programs, one with a 50-50 split and another with a 70-30 split. I’d recommend going with the 70-30 split. Get your own sponsors here.

  • Text Link Ads
  • Similar to Linkworth, they also let you sell ad space. The also allow a post-level sponsorship, but this is difficult to incorporate into If however, you’re using wordpress then you’re in luck and this might be a better option for you. For advertisers, they’re running a promotion where you get $100 in FREE Links.

  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program
  • This is a pretty good program since a lot of people use it anyway. I make enough to buy myself a few books every month myself! So this effectively subsidizes my voracious reading habit. And by setting up an my online bookstore, I don’t have to repeatedly send people a list of my favorite books, plus I get a referral if they actually buy any of my recommendations.

  • This is a new and somewhat temporary referral program. If a new lender signs up, you both get $25. If a new borrower joins, you get $125! I’ve made nearly $200 bucks from this referral program (which I haven’t included in my total, since its a temporary program).

    Great Rates, No Banks. Borrow. Lend. Prosper.

  • Direct Sponsors
  • I’m often contacted directly by sponsors wanting to put up ads. Many bloggers don’t make it easy for sponsors to contact them by not having comments enabled and not having any email address or website-ownership info visible. They’re missing out on potential revenue. I’ve had internet marketing companies as far away as the UK and Israel send me money via paypal for text ads. If you’re interested, you can send me an email at [email protected]

While $500 isn’t enough to live on (atleast not in the US), its one of several income streams that I’m trying to develop. I’ll try to post a monthly update on the passive income growth in future.

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