Linkworth’s New Referral Program

Linkworth is a site that offers bloggers and website owners the opportunity to monetize their site via paid ads.

Originally they only offered referral commissions for advertisers, but since July they’ve been tracking publisher referrals and will pay you for those too!

Advertiser Account Referrals
>> $25 payout once the advertiser spends a minimum of $100.00
>>5% payout on all recurring charges for the life of the advertiser account

Partner Account Referrals
>> $25 payout once the partner earns a minimum of $100.00

Combo Account Referrals
>> $25 payout once the advertiser side spends a minimum of $100.00
>> 5% payout on all recurring advertising charges for life of account
>> $25 payout once the partner side earns a minimum of $100.00

I made $144 last month from Linkworth, which is about 1/4th of my monthly online revenue, which I discussed here. If you haven’t signed up for it already, you can do so via this link.

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