Online Income Update: 1st Quarter 2009

Several of my long time readers have asked me to post my online income. I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted the passive income and online revenue numbers since December. A few reader are just starting to make money online and are particularly curious!

So here’s a quarterly breakdown for online income only. I haven’t had time to calculate the dividend income.

Quarterly Online Income:$6,760.85

Dividend Income: No Clue

The largest segment was the income from Ebay which was about $1,875.  Over the course of entire 2008, I made a total of $3,332.55 from the Ebay sites, so this income has increased quite a bit.  The sites target people who want to buy online businesses, cheap real estate and timeshares, gold coins and other niches.

I also made an additional $3,800 from online marketing & SEO consulting!

Remember, this is quarterly revenue from January through March.

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