Ebay Bought Me A Laptop!


Check out the new laptop I got courtesy of Ebay.com! No, I didn’t buy a laptop on ebay, but I did use the money ebay sent me to buy a really nice notebook. You can learn more about the configuration of the 16 inch intel core 2 duo HP laptop here. With the recession going on and unemployment soaring, its nice have someone sending me a few dollars now and then for my discrentionary purchases.

As I reported previously, I’ve made around $15,000 in the first 6 months of the year through various online income streams. Last month was no exception. I’ll report the exact amount later, but again ebay was a major portion of this number. I won’t know the exact amount until Saturday but so far it’s just over $1,000. I’ve outlined the steps to create ebay income, but if that’s too technical for you, you might want to check out this new program called NicheDevil that looks very promising. It comes with a 60 day refund policy so there’s no downside. If you are unable to make any money online with it, just get your money back. The creator is the same guy who turned me on to BANS which has made me $10,000 so far so I’m more than happy to throw a few dollars his way to check out the product.

Is anyone else making money selling real estate, sports cars or gold coins on ebay or through BANS? If so let me know your success stories!

Update: I bought NicheDevil and I set up a few sites with NicheDevil. While it took me considerably longer than the 36 seconds advertised it was a considerably easier than setting up a comparable BANS site. I also liked the automatic pulling of tweets, youtube  videos and images based on your target keywords. The only drawback was I had to get HostGator hosting. I used the online chat help and asked if they had any current promotions – they said they had a 20% discount with the code “Beach” so I used that to get Baby hosting which cost $95/year for unlimited domains. I still actually prefer Dreamhost but they didn’t support the installation of IonCube loader so I had to use HostGator instead (well, I didn’t have to but I’m too busy to figure out how to install it myself). I also bought a few domains from 1and1.com since they offer free private registration and currently have .com domains for $6.99!

Overall, it was a quick and easy setup. The sites look pretty good. I downloaded GIMP and made some minor modifications to the layout of the site (just background color and header image which I borrowed from someone else!). I’ll let everyone know how they work out.

Selling A Car On Ebay

As I’ve mentioned in how to make money on ebay, I’ve set up several Ebay affiliate sites to generate passive income. Typically you make a percentage of the sales price which ends up in the 4-8% range. However, when buying cars, you only get a fixed price which is currently about $100-$130. But if you can sell a few cars through your site every month, it soon adds up.

Well, someone finally bought a whole car (as opposed to spare parts or accessories) through one of my sites. And not just any car – an antique 1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow!

1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Of course, $130 in affiliate commissions isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but it’s the largest sales commission I’ve received from Ebay so far!  And coupled with the sale of an antique seiko watch, a few designer bags and cheap ipods, it almost pays the rent!

Online Income Update: 1st Quarter 2009

Several of my long time readers have asked me to post my online income. I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted the passive income and online revenue numbers since December. A few reader are just starting to make money online and are particularly curious!

So here’s a quarterly breakdown for online income only. I haven’t had time to calculate the dividend income.

Quarterly Online Income:$6,760.85

Dividend Income: No Clue

The largest segment was the income from Ebay which was about $1,875.  Over the course of entire 2008, I made a total of $3,332.55 from the Ebay sites, so this income has increased quite a bit.  The sites target people who want to buy online businesses, cheap real estate and timeshares, gold coins and other niches.

I also made an additional $3,800 from online marketing & SEO consulting!

Remember, this is quarterly revenue from January through March.

Online Income and Passive Dividend Income Update for September

I made $2,884.13 in online & passive income for the month of September, 2008. After the somewhat lackluster income over summer, this was a welcome increase.

Here’s the breakdown:

The affiliate income from Ebay has been growing steadily. It’s more than doubled from August and the total revenue for this year is $1847.67. I think that’s a pretty good return for a little bit of effort (most of which took place in May). In July I added a storefront on this website which focuses on business, cheap real estate, gold coins and other income producing ventures. I recently added a Ferrari and Sports-car for sale page. I don’t expect to sell any Ferraris’ or Lamborghinis’ but I sure enjoy looking at them!

Some of the other ebay affiliate sites are .info sites that I bought .info domains for $0.99 from GoDaddy and created them using BANS software, which automatically pulls the relevant content from Ebay. They’re all hosted on Dreamhost, for which I pay $110/year for unlimited domains. Dreamhost is currently running a special, where you get four times the usual disk-space and bandwidth! Also if you prepay for 5 years you get $150 off.  Use one of the promo codes below at Dreamhost:


Note: Setting up BANS on Dreamhost requires a little bit of tweaking. If you’re not very familiar with setting up websites then I strongly suggest using HostGator for your hosting. They cost about the same and have pretty good compatibility with the BANS software.

For a little more info on how to generate passive income from sites, look at the 2nd half of this post (look for the section on Niche Sites).

For more info on the other online sources of income, check out my previous passive income updates.

Last month was a massacre for my oil and gold stocks. One of them, Tortoise Energy (TYY) was trading under $6/share for a brief period and yielding 36%!. Unfortunately, I missed the buying window and it’s now trading over $15 again. TYY is an American MLP (Master Lease Partnership); dividends are counted as return of principle making them tax-free!

Anyway, its time to wind up this post. I have 3 midterms next week.

Using Ebay to Buy or Sell Cars

Congrats to Making Our Way for selling his car on Ebay.

Of course, the first thing I did was check whether anyone was selling a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren on Ebay. Turns it they were!!

The cheapest one is only $349,000.