The Object of My Desire

While blogging about saving money, making money and living frugally is all very fine, the whole idea is to get so damn rich you can buy any old crap you want. The object of my desire is the Ferrari Enzo. Only 350 were made and it costs around $700,000. While pretty ugly from certain angles, it looks like a space ship and packs a whopping 660 horses. Ferraris are expensive to maintain and require a transmission overhaul every 40,000 miles. So you have to be really really loaded in order to afford one. [Notice I said afford and not buy].

Something a little more affordable and probably just as much fun to drive is the new BMW M5. It packs 400 horses but at the touch of a button magically changes to 500! It won the highly covetted Internation Engine of the Year Award and costs a more affordable $85,000. Of course I won’t be buying one of these pretty soon [although my CPA might]. This should be more fun to drive than the Transporter’s 7 Series!

My next car is probably going to be the ultra cheap and fuel efficient Toyata Yaris which costs under $12,000 and gets upto 40 miles/gallon. However, if the wife will permit I may forgo this in order to get the new Dodge Charger. For $30k, you get a V8 hemi with 340 hp and 25 highway miles to the gallon! Now that should be fun to drive.

May be I’ll just have to make do with one of those bright red Ferrari Jackets for now!